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Do you love travelling?

Do you enjoy letting people know about your travel experiences?

How would you like to be a part of an exciting Tourism competition — the first of its kind in Japan?

We are looking for ‘Travel bloggers’ and ‘Travel professionals’ who would like to become online judges in the ‘2018 JWL North Kanto Inbound Awards’.

This is the first regional competition to recognise outstanding websites and videos that encourage travellers to visit this region, enjoy attractions, and stay in local Hotels (& Ryokans).

There is no need to have travelled to Japan, but you will be required to either have experience of working in the tourism industry or have written about travel in a personal travel blog or for the media.

Judging can be done at your own pace (we will send you a Google Spreadsheet to enter the scores) and it should take approximately 2-3 hours. After judging, each judge will be sent a ‘Thank you box’ with some unique Japanese goodies and have the opportunity to include a short bio and links to themselves on our website.

Please read the details below and let us know a bit about yourself by using the form at the end of this page.

What are the North Kanto Inbound Awards?

The ‘North Kanto’ region just north of Tokyo has one problem.

When it comes to tourism, this area does not provide much information in English. This is especially true online.

This means that it is quite hard for overseas travellers to discover what this region has to offer. Many tourists miss out on the rich nature and culture that is available only 1-3 hours away from the central Tokyo.

With the help of overseas judges like yourself, the ‘North Kanto Inbound Awards’ will encourage the hospitality industry to prepare more English information online, making it easier for overseas tourists to enjoy.

What will I be judging?

You will be judging English websites for hotels and tourist attractions as well as short promotional videos that target English speaking tourists.

(We will send you detailed instructions along with a google spreadsheet to record your scores)

The main website for the competition can be found here (in Japanese) :

How does the judging process work?

Step 1:  Please fill out the Application form below

Step 2:  We will email you links to approximately 12 websites & youtube videos to judge and a Google Spreadsheet to enter your scores.

Step 3:  Please email your scores back to us by the 20th January.

Step 4:  Look forward to receiving your ‘Thank you box’ filled with Japanese goodies.

Thank you box

The ‘Thank you box’ contains unique Japanese goodies such as a set of coasters with Japanese design, a sushi magnet, a set of fun Japanese post-it notes and several uniquely flavoured KitKat bars (Macha, Orange, Strawberry and Luxury cranberry & almond)!

Photo of Japanese Kit Kats


January 10th —— Closing date for submitting your application to be a judge.

January 20th —— Closing date for submitting your judging scores.

January 29th —— Judges scores are added up and winners are decided.

February 28th —— Winners are announced to the public.

Application Form

Social Media Accounts Featuring travels (if any apply)






Supported by

The ‘2018 JWL North Kanto Inbound Awards’ are supported by Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama & Ibaraki Prefectures, Shimotsuke Newspaper, Tonoike Sake Brewery, Tomoe Nyugyo Co.,Ltd., Female Travel  Bloggers and Tracommy.


Q1. How long does it take to judge the entries?

You will be allocated 12 entries, which should take 2-3 hours to judge.

Q2. When should I judge the entries?

You can judge the entries in your own time.  Most people have just over a week to enter the judging scores and emailing it back to us.

Q3. I write a blog which includes topics other than travel. Can I apply to become a judge?

Yes, If you write details blog articles about your travels, the majority of your blog posts do not have to be about Travel.

Q4. Can I apply as a judge if I live in Japan?

No. I’m sorry, but you cannot apply to become a judge if you live more than 50% of the time in Japan or if you can read Japanese fluently.

We are looking for people who live outside Japan and have not learned the language.

Q5. When should I expect the Thank you box?

You should receive the Thank you box by 20th of February.

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